Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year! Tonight Salt Hill Cider will be celebrating this event with the drinking of fine cider and a festival of lights to celebrate the coming spring. From tomorrow the days will start to lengthen and the Green Man will just be visible in the far distance of the orchards.   Wassail !

A chance to drink some Salt Hill Cider this weekend at Woking Beer Festival.

Merry England and our award winning Autumn Gold will be available to blow away the winter blues!

We have finished picking and pressing this week and all the barrels are now filled and are fermenting away! It’s been a bit of a slog this year as the tress around our area mostly had only about half as much fruit as last year. The quality of the apples this year has been good and I’m confident next year’s Salt Hill Cider will be good stuff!

There is nothing more to do this winter other than wait for nature to turn all this juice into cider ready for spring in 2017. We won the South Of England CAMRA cider award this year and we will be back at Reading in May to have a go at winning this award for the 3rd time.

There should be just enough of 2015’s cider left to get us through the winter months until the new season cider is ready.



Sad to report that Keith Smith died last Saturday after a long battle with cancer.

Keith was a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of Salt Hill Cider and for several years he helped me with picking and pressing each autumn and promoting our local cider at festivals and pubs around the country. His dedication and support will be missed by myself and Salt Hill Cider as we begin the first season of harvesting without Keith alongside.

A chance to enjoy some fun racing and have a few pints of Salt Hill Cider on September 11th in Cookham Dean.

The annual Gravity Grand Prix takes place all through the village so come for a day of fun and cider!

Many of the apples used in the cider come from just yards away from the race track

We’ve had some pretty good cider drinking weather lately which makes a nice change!

Salt Hill Cider has been going down well over the summer at the local festivals such as Ealing and Maidenhead and it is good to supply local people with their local cider.

I am pleased to report that our Merry England cider is going to be stocked in Windsor at the Old Fire Station arts centre from this week onwards.

This is what Salt Hill Cider is all about, around 3 miles from press to glass!

I hope the good people of Windsor will enjoy the cider and support their local culture.

Our cider will be at a couple more events this year; Ascot Beer Festival on Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October   and then at Woking Beer Festival on the 11th & 12th of November.

Hopefully we will also be appearing at a few other pubs during the coming months.