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The cider making season has begun for Salt Hill Cider; there seems to be plenty of fruit around our local area this year so we have started collecting apples from some of our loyal donors.

The first few barrels of juice are now slowly fermenting and will continue to ferment and mature until they are ready for drinking around Easter 2016.

We will continue to harvest the crops until late November or when the fruit runs out.

The last of this years’s cider will be appearing at Ascot Beer Festival in a couple of weeks and also at Woking Beer Festival which is in October.

If all goes well and we get enough fruit to make a decent amount of cider this year I hope there will be enough to supply all of the usual places in 2016 and a few new ones as well.

I will be looking to get Salt Hill Cider into a few pubs in Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead next spring so if anyone knows of a likely pubs let me know!