Hopefully we have seen the last of winter and as spring comes into view so the cider season begins once more.
It’s been a tough year for Salt Hill Cider as we struggled to get enough fruit for this year’s cider and in the last month we have had the worrying news that the EU is trying to force the UK to abolish the duty exemption for small cider makers such as us. If this goes through it could well mean the end for many of our traditional artisan producers and this would be a serious blow to the diverse range of unique local styles available.
It’s not been all bad news however as Salt Hill Cider won our regional CAMRA cider of the year award at Reading Beer & Cider Festival last May and will be at this year’s festival to try to win again in 2015.
Reading is rather a good town for cider drinkers and this weekend I am pleased to say that one of the town’s best pubs, the Nags Head in Russell Street will have Salt Hill Cider available.
The season is officially underway and hopefully our cider will be appearing at many pubs old and new around the area.