After the glut of apples last autumn I was hoping for another decent crop this year as we had a decent spring and summer. No such luck! We hardly found any spare fruit around Berkshire this autumn and have had to buy in some apples from the West Country in order to make some cider ready for next year.
For the first time Salt Hill Cider has been made from traditional cider apples, a blend of Dabinet and Michelin varieties have been pressed and we will have to wait for several months to find out how the new cider will taste.
The cider festival season is nearly over for the year so Salt Hill Cider will be available at Woking Beer Festival this weekend and at Wycombe Rugby Club Beer Festival the following weekend. We will then go into hibernation for the winter ready to emerge in the spring and begin a new year. The apple trees seem have gone into a pattern of on/off years so hopefully in 2015 we will have a bumper harvest in the autumn and Salt Hill Cider will once again be made entirely from local fruit.