The first of the new season Salt Hill Cider has been delivered to pubs in the local area; if you fancy trying a pint of Noveau cider you will find it available at The Royal Standard in Wooburn Green, The Jolly Farmer in Cookham Dean which has Salt Hill pretty much year round and the latest pub to take on our cider is The George Inn in Burnham High Street.

This pub is a proper old school boozer which now stocks two local real ales and hopefully will be stocking Salt Hill Cider throughout the year. They are also holding a local beer/cider festival over the first Mayday bank holiday weekend and they are going to have loads of local beers and a couple of ciders to try and live music and a hog roast available.

After the bumper apple crop in the autumn of 2013 we made more Salt Hill Cider than ever before so hopefully there will be plenty available at the usual good pubs and beer festivals around our area and a few new ones as well.

We managed to get a great range of apples all from around Berkshire and a few from Bucks from our many generous fruit donors and I’m expecting a vintage year due to the outstanding quality and variety of the apples we used and the high sugar levels in the apples due to the summer sun mean it will be pretty strong stuff! It could easily go over 8% ABV by the time we reach summer as real cider is a living thing and the natural yeast will continue to ferment the natural sugars for a few months yet.

With the blossom time coming in May we will soon find out how much damage has been done to the fruit trees in orchards across the country during the endless rain of the winter just passed. Apple trees can withstand having roots under water for prolonged periods but four months may prove to be a big challenge to our orchards and this may have devastating consequences for the harvest in the autumn of 2014.

“drink up thee cider” while we can !