This has been the hardest year for Salt Hill Cider so far; the appalling weather in 2012 left us with no apples and hardly any cider to sell this year.

The good news is that this year has been much better and it looks like we will have a decent crop this year although it is running late due to the late start of spring and summer this year. All being well myself and the the indomitable Keith Smith will soon take to the orchards once again to bring in the harvest to make the cider ready for next year.

As I predicted the shortage of good ciders this year has led to many of the opportunist dubious cider makers filling the gaps with inferior products. Luckily there are still a good number of cider fans who still want 100% fresh pressed juice ciders rather than some of the abominations being offered in most of the pubs across the country at present.

From Easter in 2014 Salt Hill Cider should be back to full capacity and battling to get our real Berkshire cider into all our usual pubs and festivals and hopefully into quite a few new ones as well. We will aim to keep the supplies rolling out to our existing fans and pick up new ones along the way and quality will not be comprimised in the pursuit of business.

In the meantime enjoy your ciders where you can; Salt Hill Cider will be appearing at Ascot Beer Festival in October and Woking Beer festival in early November plus a few others throughout the year. It is also usually available at The Jolly Farmer in Cookham Dean if you fancy a pint.