After all the frenzied work during the autumn the new year brings a bit of respite with little to do other than wait for nature to do it’s part in my cider production . The only job that has had to be done is racking off which was done in early January . The fermentation process which has been going on since the autumn means that as the natural yeast in the juice turns the natural sugars to alchohol and produces a waste product which settles to the bottom . If left in with this silt the cider can pick up off flavours which can spoil the cider so the cider is racked off into clean vessels without disturbing the sediment . The cider can now be left to finnish fermentation and to mature until it should be ready to drink  in early spring . During the severe cold weather that we have had recently some of the barrels of cider have “stuck” , which means that fermentation has stopped as the yeast cells have got too cold . As the temperature rises the fermentation should continue as before , hopefully !  Wassail  Greg