About two more months of this dismal winter and the new season cider should be about ready to drink.

Looking forward to Reading Beer & Cider festival in May; here’s a picture from last year of three of Berkshire’s cider makers. Salt Hill Cider, Cider Niks and ¬†Wyatts



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Today is Winter Solstice day, the shortest day of the year when all seems dark & gloomy and the trees in the orchards are mostly leafless and in a state of slumber.

From tomorrow the days will lengthen and the slow but certain arrival of spring will be heralded by the Green Man’s appearance.

Once more spring will defeat winter and light will displace the darkness.The begining of this process will be celebrated in Wassail events all across the land when the tree spirits will be awoken and the dismal British winter will be given a bit of a kick up the arse!


image: Holly man

cider: apple wine glass with apple in front of white background

It’s been a funny sort of year for weather; I’m no expert on global warming but with only a week till Christmas I have seen a bloke mowing his lawn and a host of golden daffodils in full trumpet on a roundabout in Slough!

We had a real mixed bag of weather this spring and summer but luckily the apple trees seemed to enjoy it and Salt Hill Cider had a record harvest which means there will be plenty of cider available from spring 2016.

With the help of Keith, Chris & Olly , my loyal volunteers we managed to turn about 6 tonnes of local apples into juice which is slowly turning into cider.

Not much to do now until the spring except attend the Hedgerley Wassail in January for the ceremony in the orchard that will hopefully bring about another great apple harvest in the autumn of 2016.



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The cider making season has begun for Salt Hill Cider; there seems to be plenty of fruit around our local area this year so we have started collecting apples from some of our loyal donors.

The first few barrels of juice are now slowly fermenting and will continue to ferment and mature until they are ready for drinking around Easter 2016.

We will continue to harvest the crops until late November or when the fruit runs out.

The last of this years’s cider will be appearing at Ascot Beer Festival in a couple of weeks and also at Woking Beer Festival which is in October.

If all goes well and we get enough fruit to make a decent amount of cider this year I hope there will be enough to supply all of the usual places in 2016 and a few new ones as well.

I will be looking to get Salt Hill Cider into a few pubs in Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead next spring so if anyone knows of a likely pubs let me know!



Well so far July has been a scorcher! July will be a great month for cider drinkers around our area;
If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a few pints of good cider this coming weekend you could do worse than head to Ealing Beer & Cider Festival.
From 9th to 11th July this great outdoor event will have a fine selection of cider and perry including the full range of Salt Hill Cider for you to try.
Later in the month from Friday 24th till Sunday 26th July there is another chance to drink some great ciders and perry all selected by myself for the Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival.
I will be there along with the full range of Salt Hill Cider along with some outstanding ciders and perries that are rarely seen around our area.
I’m particularly pleased to have sourced some perry from Gloucestershire which should be rather wonderful and prove very popular with the punters!
As autumn looms I’m keeping one eye on the apple crop which is looking pretty good at the moment although if we don’t get enough rain over the next few months a lot of the apples will drop from the trees before they are ready to harvest.
Fingers crossed!


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